“… intertwined” ’is the title of the final exhibition of the Residence of Creation that Anna Ill, Safa Attyaoui and Souad Douibi conducted in Tunis during the months of May and June 2019.

Through their creations, we discover how they are imbued with the specific context of their host city Tunis, observing the details of everyday life and drawing it’s essence. Each of them has appropriated the medium that is closest to it. : for Anna Ill, it is the objects which leave a trace and which create a visible memory; Safa Attyaoui, on the other hand, exploring the intimate stories of waiting in non-places like bus and metro stops; and finally Souad Douibi with a series of performances designed to be shared in the public space.
This project is supported by Barcelona City Council, the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalunya and the Spanish Embassies and Institutes Cervantes of Tunisia and Algeria. Also, it is realized thanks to the close collaboration with Hangar, Villa Cælestis and the Living art center of Radès and Box24, Algiers.


Anna Ill, Safa Attyaoui and Souad Douibi
Safia Farhat Museum. Living Arts center of Radès.

Copyright photos Dorra Achour