Open artist studio for the national heritage day , Issoudun , france, september 2019

LOCATION: Artist’s residence (Issoudun 36100)
From Saturday September 21, 2019 to Sunday September 22, 2019

Safa Attyaoui’s project questions family archives through the themes of experience, memory and identity.

Introduction text for the open artist studio by Safa Attyaoui:
To discover documents for the first time. To be attentive to the traces of the past.To enjoy snatches of life. To examine the nebulous past, or what’s left of it. To dwell on the support.
How could I leave it so soon ?
I listen to what it has to say, it has my full attention. I install thread and needle and I explore this fragile, outdated, unknown field . I’m trotting.
I find myself. And in the repetition of the back and forth, I intervene. I take paths towards a vision with uncertain contours. I improvise. I take my time. I put time in it. I think about time. I heal. I stay on the sheet. I resume the gesture. I persevere ; I’m learning to be an ant, a spider and a caterpillar. And in a constant return, I make my nest, I climb my canvas, I build.
I question the past to enlighten the present by weaving a link between the one and the other. I probe the memory, I question forgetting. I track down the least constituents of my being. And little by little I become who I am.

Copyright photos Clément Lebraud