Revealing Lines

La boite hors les murs
Sainte monique Chapel, IHEC Carthage I March 2020

Notebooks, sketchbooks and school slates invite themselves for an exhibition in the Sainte Monique chapel. It is not all about reading, although it is about lines. But it is also about feeling and exploring the unsuspected magic that resides in the nature of these lines; experimental, exploratory, liberating.. And in addition to its subtlety, it reveals the artist’s universe and conveys his ideas and feelings. The surrealism of the works, far from detaching us from reality, evokes characters, places and feelings that the artist draws from the depths of her memory and her experiences ; these delicious reveries which tear us away from the daily frenzy of modern life, these precious memories that the years gradually erode and these places tortured by nostalgia that Safa captures in her drawings, her collages and her embroideries, immortalizing the experience.
“Revealing Lines” is an exhibition that traces the contours of an hybrid universe where drawings, collages and embroidery form the pillars of a world woven of lines and threads. An immersion which, between the various media, transports us from fun to intrigue and pushes us to question our intuitions and our achievements. A universe that springs up in the artist’s soul and that abounds in that of the observer, thus completing a cycle of creation and interpretation.

Copyright photos Pol Guillard